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I left my job in the mortgage industry years ago to pursue a blissful life with a career I love. One that mirrored my love for the beautiful coastal community I live in, and honored my passion for art and the bliss I felt through my healthy lifestyle and yoga practice. 
My work is my passion. I incorporate all my talents, spirituality, knowledge and experiance, universal guidance and insights from the source to achive life balance. I share it with you through my yoga and meditation sessions, holistic retreats, lifestyle mentoring and moving artwork.

Artist, yogi, holistic health practitioner, and lover of life



I’ve learned that happiness and health go hand in hand and that health begins from the inside and manifests on the outside everything we take in. From the fuel we feed ourselves to the products we use, the environment we duel, our thoughts and feelings and our daily practice. 

I’ve worked years to achieve a blissful balance between body and soul and now rejoice in sharing that knowledge to others through Blissful Souls, my hub of holistic expertise.

Blissful Souls was created to share the happiness I've created in my life with others through my knowledge and training and the team of holistic experts I’ve assembled.

Alenka was born in Czechoslovakia just outside Prague; a large portion of the family estate was lost to the communist regime when it took over after the Second World War. 

The government identified Alenka’s natural talent for drawing and painting and placed her into a special arts program. She studied under V. Dvorak and J. Novakova and received numerous awards for her work using various media. 

Alenka moved to Laguna Beach, CA in 2005 and finally found that abstract painting is the most natural way to express herself.
 “Growing up as a little girl I lived in two different worlds: my family’s world and the outside world. Abstract painting lets me uncover, explore, and reveal my deepest emotions, feelings and ideas.“ 
Alenka also studied under Dutch artist, Paul Van Ernich, and well-known abstract artist, Elaine Cohen. She is very excited to share her passion for painting with a broader audience. 




Using healthy products and eating healthy food has always been a priority for me, but when I was introduced to the Arbonne products, I feel in love. Not only did they make me look and feel great, but they taste good. I became an Arbonne representative so I could recieve the product discounts, but I'm also making extra income by sharing the products with my friends.

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I love the healing power of energy to restore happiness and peace of mind. My favorite source of energy is the ocean with it’s abundance of negative ions. The ocean increases the restorative, healing and invigorating benefits of my treatments, allowing you to RECHARGE and RECONNECT with your higher self.


I love where I live, but I also love getting out and exploring. There's nothing like getting away on a rejuvenating adventure, taking in the environment, connecting with others and practicing yoga in nature.  If you're like me and love to get out of your box, check out my holistic travel retreats.


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